Best 2019 Free Photo Editing Software for PC

Best Free Photo Editing Software

Are you looking for Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC? There are many free tools online but everyone has confusion choosing the best among them. When we think about photo editing the only thing which comes to our mind is  ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, but there are many other better, free online photo editors with similar features apart from photoshop. In this, we shall discuss some image editing tools for PC.

What is Photo Editing?
Photo Editing is nothing but the process of altering an image, adding effects on photos, etc

Some Basic Technique of Photo Editing :

  1. Noise Reduction:  It means the process of removing noise from the image.
  2. White Balance:  The process of removing unrealistic color casts.
  3. Contrast: The color that makes the image distinguishable
  4. Exposure: The brightness of the photo
  5. Color adjustments: Changing the color tone and removing unnecessary colors.
  6. Resizing and Cropping: Changing the size and dimension of the image without changing the amount of data in the image.
  7. Background Removal: Making the image transparent.
  8. Drop Shadow: Creating shadows for the object in the image
  9. Text Edit: Adding text to the image
  10. Blur: Applying a low pass filter

List of Free Photo Editing Software:


GIMP-GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free and open-source software. It is designed for a professional designer similar to Adobe Photoshop. GIMP‌ provides all features of adobe photoshop for free.  This software allows you to install other paid tools plugins. GIMP is a world-class image editor developed in 15th February, 1996

GIMP‌ is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS. GIMP supports graphic tablets and hardware. You can download your file in a compressed format such as Zip and Gz.

User Interface:

The Interface has two parts: the Image window and the Toolbox. The Image window is the same as a Painter’s Canvas. The Toolbox is a sidebar that contains both image editing tools and the Dock (where Dockable Dialogs can be stored for easy access).

Website Link: Download


Canva is an online Editing Software that works for both Pc and mobile. It’s a cool and uncomplicated tool. It is for both non-designers as well as professional designers. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, Canva offers tools to get your job done. Canva makes your designing skills easier with Drag and drop options. Non-Designers can use Canva with ease.

User Interface

The UI Of Canva is easy to use and simple. It contains a Menu Bar on the left side of the screen. The Menu bar has pre-built templates for custom design, Photos, Elements, Background, Text, Upload, Folder options.

Website Link: Download


Fotor is a fun and free photo editing software which comes with all photo-related features. It is available for windows, mac, and android. Best for making an image background opaque. It’s completely developed for Social media influencer and digital marketers.

User Interface

It has a customizable User interface.Fotor UI is simple to use which is specially designed for beginners. Fotor has separate sections for Photo edit, collage maker and design. Fotor contains image shape, thousands of fonts, countless stickers and many designing tools.

Website Link: Download


Pixlr is a completely Free online image editing tool.Pixlr is for freelancers and small scale businesses. It supports all Operating systems and any Browsers. Pixlr allows you to add images to blank canvases, create unique effects, and add filters. Go for Pixlr X for Advance options like photoshop.

User Interface

UI‌ for Pixlr is now available in two themes: the dark and light mode. There is an extra tool called a drawing tool that brings out the creativity of the designer.

Website Link: Download

Features Comparison:
FeaturesGIMPCanvaPixlr Fotor 
Drawing ToolNoNoYesNo
Collage MakerYesYesYesYes
Gradient ToolYesYesYesYes
Plugins InstallationYesNoNoNo
Text EditingYesYesYesYes
BG RemoverYesNoNoYes
Color SchemeNoYesNoNo 
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